If there isn’t a good play or you’re too emotional, take time off. Get your head on straight, and live to trade another day.

With a locked Senate, all decisions are then made by Kamala Harris , who would also have presiding powers over the Senate, as well as the tiebreaker vote. Let’s see how the market handles that situation in a year. I’m guessing it won’t handle it very well when things move from stimulus to tax increases and more frivolous legislation aimed at regulating corporations.

Xiaomi On Us Blacklist: Stocks Dropped By 10%

tastyworks is a wholly owned subsidiary of tastytrade, Inc (“tastytrade”). tastytrade is a trademark/servicemark owned by tastytrade. tastytrade presents TradeTALK, a 10-part speaker series that showcases trading strategies and concepts for the individual trader. Tom Sosnoff, Tony Battista, Liz/Jny, Pete Mulmat, and other tastytraders will show you how to optimize your approach to trading with practical takeaways. You can go beyond stock trading when you learn to trade smarter, not harder, with options and futures.

Scott San Emeterio launched BallStreet — a real-time stock market where sports fans can trade on the outcomes of live sporting events. As an event plays out and likelihood each team changes, the trader buys and sells forex traders blog shares based on how other traders are reacting. At the end of each event, winners are determined by the aggregate profit made on each winning share. Those players who rank in the top-20% in profits win a cash prize.

Why Is My Stock Going Down?  The Supreme Fundamental

Trading Plan for the Week – My primary target for the remainder of the year is a short IWM play. I’m hoping for a gap up on Monday and a run at 200 to start the scale in entry. The problem that always arises for me is that these shorts move so fast that you need to at least anticipate for part of the trade for a solid average position price. If you weren’t already in with a partial long, then entering after the gap up was very difficult, especially on the risk control side. The market also expects more stimulus than I think the government is going to be willing to provide.

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From a purely technical trading standpoint, I still think XOM is the better trade, even though it’s probably not the better company. I was really hoping that XOM would make a move on the March lows after earnings, but buyers showed up and minimized the downside. I still like CVX, but I just can’t find a safe play since it needs stock trading blog an entry down around 65 to produce a stop that controls risk enough to make the trade worthwhile. If the sector moves down after the election, XOM is my play on majors. Again, sorry for the short writeup this week, but luckily it’s one of those weeks where there really isn’t much to do but sit back and wait for your pitch.

Day Trade Review

That’s really all I have on the radar as the year winds down. It’s been a pretty good year and I’m content just to slide stock trading blog into 2021 and start fresh. No sense in getting hit during a thin holiday market and losing hard earned profits.

I want to know the hottest stocks in the market right now. And if it has news, it can be a potential trade … if the news has legs. At any rate, I see position sizing as a necessary nuisance (there are times I want to put stock trading blog 100% of my money behind a trade-but I wont) to trading survival. What is risk-reward and why is it important in swing trading stocks? Contrary to popular belief; penny stocks aren’t just securities priced under $1.

Trading Penny Stocks For Beginners

Sorry for the lack of energy sector info on the Twitter feed the last couple weeks. I’ve been working more on my macro picture trading and just winding it down for Christmas. I’m probably done for the year in energy, but just wanted to make one final short post for 2020. I went through this in and I’d love to have kept all the money I made in that bubble, but I hadn’t been trading long enough to understand how bubbles work and the need for keeping risk control. I got blinded by greed and thought that if everyone else was bullish that the party would never end.

stock trading blog

Also, I feel like I’m getting burned out on all the political Twitter, but I’ll pop in to post my trades if I make any next week. There’s no shame in minimizing risk and staying on the sideline if you can’t find any plays you like this week. There’s still much uncertainty out there, so keep the powder dry for the BIG opportunity. Refiners – This is still my favorite group and the primary focus of my attention this week on a dip. MPC is by far the strongest of the group, but it really isn’t giving much of a long term play.


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